A letter to my readers

We are a community of mighty warriors whose lives prove God’s mastery in creating beauty from our brokenness. We were built to break.

Acknowledge Abuse. Reclaim Power. Heal Whole. Rise Strong. Love Hard. Live Free.

Kintsu (Derived from Kintsukuroi/Kintsugi) meaning “Golden Repair/Golden Joinery.” A Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery with gold to highlight and showcase the cracks and blemishes. The repaired piece becomes even more beautiful and valuable after being broken.

Brené Brown says, “Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.” I created Kintsu Collective because the only way we can personally heal, as well as help each other along the way, is if we’re brave enough to light up our world with our truth.

My goal is that by me unapologetically telling my story of survival and redemption, I will give you the confidence to begin to acknowledge, heal from and eventually tell your own story . . . even if it’s in a whisper.

“Don’t be intimidated. Eventually everything is going to be out in the open and everyone will know how things really are. So don’t hesitate to go public now. Don’t be bluffed into silence by the threats of bullies. There’s nothing they can do to your soul.” Matthew 10:26-28

Kintsu Collective is a community and movement where the truth is nonnegotiable and the courage to tell it, celebrated. Our authentic life begins the moment we embrace both our brokenness and our inability to fix it on our own. Only then can we be beautifully put back together, much stronger and having more value than ever before, free from any shame of what caused our damage and without any inclination to hide our imperfections. Why? Because those flaws and broken places are now shining scars filled with golden calking of God’s grace.

Jesus allowed His body to be literally broken for us. After he was resurrected, He chose for his His scars and the signs of His brokenness to purposefully remain for all to see, a constant reminder of His sacrificial love for humanity.

I’m broken.You’re broken.We all are. That’s the point. Our true life begins at the moment we embrace our brokenness.

Only then, just like a cracked pot in the hands of a kintsukuroi potter, can we be beautifully put back together, much stronger and having more value than ever before, free from any shame of what caused our damage, and without any inclination to hide our scars. Why? Because those imperfections and broken places are filled with the gold of God’s grace that highlights the places where we’ve been healed, raising our value and expanding our capacity.

If you can’t share what broke you quite yet, that’s okay. I’ll be your voice. If your faith is weak and your footing still unsure, mine will be strong for you. I’ve been where you are and you are going to make it just like I have. I promise. I would love to pray for you, so reach out share your requests and testimonies and we will support one another as we purpose to move our lives forward.

Remember, our cracks are the proof of our journey. The gold is the proof of God’s grace

We were built to break.




About the book

Becoming even more beautiful and valuable for having been broken and enduring the hardships of life.

I’m broken. You’re broken. We all are. That’s the point. Our true life begins at the moment we embrace our brokenness.”

Bekah is passionate about bringing awareness to the self-care needed for healing from the trauma of domestic abuse. Bekah wrote Built to Break and founded Kintsu Collective because she believes the only way we can genuinely heal is when we’re brave enough to light up the darkness with our truth. Kintsu Collective is a community and movement where the truth is nonnegotiable and the courage to tell it – celebrated. “We stand together as powerful testaments of God’s mastery in creating beauty from our brokenness.”

Healing Whole. Rising Strong. Loving Hard. Living Free.

We were built to break.

Bekah resides in Seattle and is actively involved in her local church with her four kids.


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  • ‬Built to Break is a real-life example of Romans ‪8:28‬. God truly worked ALL things for good in Bekah’s life. Her story will help anyone who has experienced pain and is willing to do the hard work of running hard into God’s ways. ‬‬‬‬

    Jodi Cameron
    Jodi Cameron Champions Centre - Executive Director/Campus Pastor
  • Transparent and courageous! Bekah refuses to "spiritualize" her trauma and deals openly and honestly with her pain, disappointment, and disillusionment with her ex-husband, God, and even herself. Built to Break is a powerful read!!

    Dr. Mary Hendrickson
    Dr. Mary Hendrickson Assistant professor of Pre-Counseling/Human Service Moody Bible Institute
  • Bekah Baker pours her absolute heart and soul into overcoming her past and not allowing the pain of it to hold her back any longer. She’s an example of strength, courage and resiliency as she invites us to discover the same are within us!

    Kristal Clark
    Kristal Clark Rock, Paper, Scissors Foundation - Founder
  • Real...Raw...Redemptive. Built to Break is written with such raw emotion, it pierced my heart. My own faith in God’s goodness and grace has been deepened through Bekah’s journey into brokenness, and ultimately, healing.

    Dr. Craig Hendrickson
    Dr. Craig Hendrickson Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies Moody Bible Institute
  • I read Built to Break in TWO days!   I went through so many emotions as I felt like I was a part of this captivating story. This book is uplifting and gives you hope no matter what you're going through!

    Tiffany S Williams
    Tiffany S Williams Online Business Strategist
  • Built to Break is an authentic and honest testimony of God's unyielding mercy in the midst of total devastation and betrayal.  Bekah's story will give you hope and courage to face whatever heartbreak you are facing and to come out stronger.

    Leslie Reed
    Leslie Reed Wife, Mom and Realestate Agent
  • WOW!!! “Built to Break” is very raw, real and transparent. It is an emotional journey of domestic violence, deception, and betrayal to healing, forgiveness and freedom experienced by a pastor’s kid who lived her life according to the Word of God.

    Trish K Wife and Mom
  • What Bekah has had to endure would have most definitely taken the faint at heart to the nearest mental institution! Bekah's strength and faith in God to escape the dark world she was in and boldly share her story, has allowed her to come forth as pure gold.

    Samantha Smith
  • Bekah's story is one that must be shared with other trauma survivors as a reminder of their strength and resilience when faced with adversity. Thank you, Bekah, for having the courage and grit to write Built to Break so we all might learn from your story.

    Jenifer L Married Mom of 2 and Entrepreneur
  • Built to Break brought me to tears throughout. Bekah’s transparency, her willingness to stand tall and not be ashamed and most of all her ability to withstand the storm and be brave. My heart has been filled with hope, and I am inspired to the fullest. A must read!

    Tiffany C Married Model and SAG Actress

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