Testimonials on BUILT to BREAK!

  • ‬Built to Break is a real-life example of Romans ‪8:28‬. God truly worked ALL things for good in Bekah’s life. Her story will help anyone who has experienced pain and is willing to do the hard work of running hard into God’s ways. ‬‬‬‬

    Jodi Cameron
    Jodi Cameron Champions Centre - Executive Director/Campus Pastor
  • Transparent and courageous! Bekah refuses to "spiritualize" her trauma and deals openly and honestly with her pain, disappointment, and disillusionment with her ex-husband, God, and even herself. Built to Break is a powerful read!!

    Dr. Mary Hendrickson
    Dr. Mary Hendrickson Assistant professor of Pre-Counseling/Human Service Moody Bible Institute
  • Bekah Baker pours her absolute heart and soul into overcoming her past and not allowing the pain of it to hold her back any longer. She’s an example of strength, courage and resiliency as she invites us to discover the same are within us!

    Kristal Clark
    Kristal Clark Rock, Paper, Scissors Foundation - Founder
  • Real...Raw...Redemptive. Built to Break is written with such raw emotion, it pierced my heart. My own faith in God’s goodness and grace has been deepened through Bekah’s journey into brokenness, and ultimately, healing.

    Dr. Craig Hendrickson
    Dr. Craig Hendrickson Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies Moody Bible Institute
  • I read Built to Break in TWO days!   I went through so many emotions as I felt like I was a part of this captivating story. This book is uplifting and gives you hope no matter what you're going through!

    Tiffany S Williams
    Tiffany S Williams Online Business Strategist
  • Built to Break is an authentic and honest testimony of God's unyielding mercy in the midst of total devastation and betrayal.  Bekah's story will give you hope and courage to face whatever heartbreak you are facing and to come out stronger.

    Leslie Reed
    Leslie Reed Wife, Mom and Realestate Agent
  • WOW!!! “Built to Break” is very raw, real and transparent. It is an emotional journey of domestic violence, deception, and betrayal to healing, forgiveness and freedom experienced by a pastor’s kid who lived her life according to the Word of God.

    Trish K Wife and Mom
  • What Bekah has had to endure would have most definitely taken the faint at heart to the nearest mental institution! Bekah's strength and faith in God to escape the dark world she was in and boldly share her story, has allowed her to come forth as pure gold.

    Samantha Smith
  • Bekah's story is one that must be shared with other trauma survivors as a reminder of their strength and resilience when faced with adversity. Thank you, Bekah, for having the courage and grit to write Built to Break so we all might learn from your story.

    Jenifer L Married Mom of 2 and Entrepreneur
  • Built to Break brought me to tears throughout. Bekah’s transparency, her willingness to stand tall and not be ashamed and most of all her ability to withstand the storm and be brave. My heart has been filled with hope, and I am inspired to the fullest. A must read!

    Tiffany C Married Model and SAG Actress
  • Bekah's emotions exploded off of the pages and into my destroyed soul. I thought I couldn't feel a damned thing anymore except anger and hate and suffering...but I'm getting glimmers of hope. Faint glimmers - but glimmers nonetheless.

    Matthew C
  • Brutifal. Beautiful + Brutal. I can’t think of a better descriptor for Bekah’s heartfelt, gut-wrenchingly honest story about love, loss, and the freedom that comes from realizing we are Built to Break.

    Josie R Happily Remarried Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Being a survivor of domestic violence I experienced a lot of dejavu reading Built to Break. I was reminded of the necessary circumstances for a divorce: Adultery - Abuse - Addiction.  I am so proud of Bekah for her steps of faith to not only “get out” but also to become God's best in the process.

    Mary L Retired
  • Built to Break is a seamless page turner! Bekah’s writing style will make you ask yourself questions that cause you to deal with your own life, how you filter your experiences and what source you run to for strength when life breaks you! A MUST read!

    Kimberly Joy Morgan
    Kimberly Joy Morgan Life Coach
  • Built to Break is raw and real. The pain, processing, healing and redemption all come through. It gave me a new lens through which to view my own brokenness. The pain I’ve both experienced myself and caused others to feel. Thank you Bekah, for sharing your story.

    John L
  • Built to Break was breathtaking and impactful. Bekah's ability to convey such raw and vulnerable pain, healing, and restoration, truly resonated with me as a survivor of abuse and brokenness. Her story provides a sense of hope and assurance in God’s love and faithfulness.

    Ranice Innocent
    Ranice Innocent Mom, Wife, Teacher
  • As a guy I wasn’t expecting to find myself relating so much to Bekah’s story in Built to Break. As I read, I relived my personal struggles and I felt better knowing that if Bekah made it out, so will I. Reading her story pulled from so much despair and pain, help strengthen my resolve.

    Tracy T
  • I couldn’t put Built to Break down. Bekah has an amazing life story and It hooked me from the start and carried me to the end! Bekah’s honest, vulnerable story takes us on her journey to self-love and empowerment.

    Jackie G.M. Mom and Work in Progress!
  • I don’t know if I can ever tell my story, so I thank Bekah from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope by telling hers. I related, wept, cried, said amen and then read to my oldest son the paragraphs that gave me hope. We could hardly read through the tears but we felt your words and know we aren't alone.

    Alisa Michelle Single Mom and Freelance Photographer
  • 'Built To Break' is raw and unfiltered. It gives men a look into the heart and soul of a woman who had been broken yet refuses to stay that way. As a man reading it, I felt Bekah's pain. It made me want to be a better husband in my next relationship. A must read.

    Dave P Divorcee, Dad and CEO

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